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Drop Dead Gorgeous Looks On Red Carpet Of 2017 Cannes Film Festival

Cannes is labelled as one of the biggest events in the film industry, it’s where all the prestigious films debut and celebrities flock to. Celebrities are always dressed their best, and photographers are there to snap the best shots.   Here is a compiled list of what we thought were the best looks on the red carpet of various film debuts at this years Cannes. Rihanna   Always stunning, Rihanna

Model Ashley Graham Gracefully Stumbles On Red Carpet Of Time 100 Gala

While walking the red carpet, model Ashley Graham almost experienced a terrifying fall but gracefully recovered shedding a laugh and walking it off.   With cameras rolling and flashes going off, it could have been a lot worse, as Graham accidentally walked all over her dress almost falling flat on her face.     Thankfully that didn’t end up happening, as her skills of walking on the runway kicked in,

Puzzling Outfits of the 2017 Grammy Awards

The red carpet of any award show has the ability to bring out the best and worst outfit ideas. What may seem like a great idea can actually pan out into a terrible one, but you won’t really know until the photos are out there in the wild, all the for internet to judge. The people on this list have us scratching our heads, wondering what they were thinking at

Justin Timberlake Comicly Photobombs Emma Stone's Red Carpet Interview

While actress Emma Stone was doing a interview on the red carpet of the 2017 Oscars, Justin Timberlake decided to have some fun and interrupt the interview in the background.   Stone, who was too busy getting interviewed to notice, was able to catch on eventually, but only turned around when it was too late. Timberlake rushed off in a hurry to receive any flak for his hi-jinks. The moment

Stunning Make-up At The Oscars 2017

The Academy Awards is the event celebrities save to show off their best look of the year. It takes a great team and months planning to prepare for the show – the make-up, hair and dresses. Let’s see some of the gorgeous make-up from the biggest night in Hollywood.   Emma Stone     The Best Actress in a Leading Role for this year showed up like a real lady, with perfect shiny

Dress Like Your Favorite Star for Affordable Prices

Celebrities certainly dress nicely since all the newest fashion pieces are already available to them and the prices don’t matter. Anyway, if you want to be stylish and follow the fashion trends, there are pieces you can always find at affordable prices.   Olivia Wilde     Those blue velvet platforms are breath-taking and a real fashion hit. If you want to follow the latest trends, you can get them

These Celebrities Slayed The Grammys 2017 Red Carpet

The Grammys has been the biggest musical event of each year since its inception, and is undeniably one of the most fashionable red carpet gatherings a star could attend. It is a melting pot of gowns, dresses, trends, risqué fashion choices, and all levels of chic. Wonder who amongst Tinsel Town’s most beautiful stars looked most ravishing at this year’s Grammys?   Celine, Adele, and Demi got gorgeous gowns!  

Worst Dressed Celebs At This Year's Grammys

Some do it right while some do not—this is what usually happens during red carpet events like the Grammys. There are those who look legitimately lit as they chose the right gowns or dresses, they opted for the best shade of lipstick for their skin tone, and they did not go overboard. On the other hand, there are those who make people’s hearts cry with their ill-fitting numbers, over-the-top costumes,

Emma Stone Takes Sibling as Date to 2017 SAG Awards

Walking the red carpet of the 2017 SAG Awards, Emma Stone brought none other than her brother as a date to the awards show.     “I’m very family orientated, I love to involve my family with everything that I do,” said Stone, who brought her brother along for the ride. This isn’t the first time that Emma has brought Spencer to an awards show, as she brought her younger

Priyanka Chopra's Gorgeous Golden Globes Outfit

Making an appearance on the red carpet of the Golden Globes for the first time, Priyanka Chopra looked stunning wearing a dress designed by Ralph Lauren. Always one to never disappoint, she is one of the greatest standouts of the event.   Stunning as always!     Be sure to check out Priyanka later this year in the upcoming reboot of Baywatch!