On Set Disappointment

On Set Disappointment

Kaley Cuoco seems like she could use a cold one while filming The Big Bang Theory.

The actress, who plays Penny on the hit show, posted a photo to Instagram of herself getting fooled on set by a beer that wasn’t exactly a beer. The image shows Cuoco wearing a big, mischievous smile while holding up what looks to be a bottle of beer.

“New episode tonight @thebigbangtheory__ !” Cuoco captioned the pic. “This is a picture of me drinking the props ! This was also my face before realizing there was only water in this ‘beer’ bottle, cheers!!!!”

The actress has been known to post light-hearted photos from the set of the sitcom. Mos recently she shared a shot of herself flipping the bird in the direction of co-star Jim Parsons, along with a snap in which she appears to be ignoring notes given by a member of the show’s team.

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