Chris Pratt Shares How He Gets Ready For Any Red Carpet Event

Chris Pratt Shares How He Gets Ready For Any Red Carpet Event

Every celebrity has their go to rituals for getting ready to walk the red carpet of any event, but by far actor Chris Pratt has the most interesting. For those looking for guidance on how to get ready for events of our own, Chris Pratt has us covered by sharing his guide on social media.

1. Get Heated

Next time… Put the deodorant under the man boobs. Getting all heated up and passionate about #gotgvol2 #WHATSMYSNACK

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Chris Pratt likes a nice blow dry to his body to get the sweat away. Seems like a pretty good tip!

2. Flex Your Muscles

But not just any muscles, mainly the ones in your bum. That’s the part of his body that he loves to flaunt, and says that the key to having them look their best falls in exercising, mainly by doing squats.

3. Face Masks

Pratt links his glorious looking skin to wearing a face mask to keep his skin hydrated.

4. Listen To Your Favorite Music While Getting Ready

While we don’t have makeup artists of our own, a great tip that Chris Pratt shares is that he loves to get ready with the help of his favorite musical artist.

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